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The 1958 Chrysler 300D and Its Ancient Go-Fast Tech

The 2005-2023 300C has it all over that ’58 stone on technology! Well, perhaps not . . .

The introduction of the computer controlled electronic fuel injected Hemispherical combustion-chambered V-8 in 2005 seemed a combination of new and old. New, being the computer managed fuel induction – old, being Series 3- the new version of the Hemi V-8. What a great combo!

“If only they’d had that computer controlled system beginning in the 50s, maybe the Hemi would have never had the 40-year hiatus”.

Let’s face it, computer controlled engine management has saved performance cars. Without the precise control of fuel and spark, radical breathing and proper fuel only when the loud pedal is pressed would be impossible. Today, we all know, that no matter how sophisticated, the carburetor is only a little more than a toilet bowl when delivering fuel to an engine. (In fact, same principle is used in both).

We went through the “malaise years” where cars were strangled by this crude fuel delivery method. While we were choking down the famous 350 CID Corvette to 155 HP, over in Europe, a strange awakening was happening. BMWs and even Fiats were wringing that same horsepower from 180 CID. How? with electronic fuel injection from Bosch. Of course, Bosch and the US auto makers got together and adapted this system to US cars, and the grand awakening began in the mid-80s.

“If we had invented that, maybe we would have seen that 2005 Hemi sooner”. Well we did, and we did! That Bosch system was was invented by Bendix Corporation and licensed to Bosch in 1961. But before that – in 1958 – Bendix and Chrysler actually installed the system on production cars and  . . .  one of them was the 1958 Chrysler 300D Hemi!

In 1958, Chrysler introduced a “speed density” computer-controlled fuel injection the 1958 Chrysler 300D Hemi! In fact, Chrysler introduced that fuel injection system across their entire line of V-8s, including the new wedge “B” block! Amazing! Computer controlled induction in 1958? It can’t be! Really? It was? What a breakthrough! Why didn’t Chrysler Corp continue with this technology?

Read on to find out what happened . . .

The 1958 Chrysler 300D Fuel Injection setup. Click the button below or this image to learn more!

Selling the 1955-1958 Chrysler 300

In Racing and Speed Trials

Understanding that a high performance car had to perform, Chrysler brought the 300 to the then famous Daytona Beach Speed Trials. The objective was to show off the C-300’s 300 HP Hemi V-8.

The car shattered the speed records in the class – 1st, 2nd & 3rd in @ 127.580! In 1955 Chrysler won 23 NASCAR Grand National events in 1955 and 10 AAA races – no one else touched them.

“Chrysler has had everything it’s own way (in racing)” Motor Life magazine, January 1956.

The more potent 300B was even more successful. In 1956 it upped the flying mile record to 139.4!

A Road Test of the 1958
Chrysler 300D

For the first few years of the 300, road test were in their infancy, but by 1958, a more scientific approach was used. This test in Road & Track used equipment to measure the significant aspects of the vehicle by actual time test results and less by driver’s opinion.

Notable in their evaluation of the car were these points:

Looks: “They are now devoting attention to both the flashy and the long-term aspects of overall design . . .”

Interior. “The (leather) interior is comfortable, conservative and well appointed “

Handling: “It is an American prestige car, whose sports car-derived features and characteristics make it outstanding.”

Acceleration: ” Large engine supplies plenty of urge for such a large car”. (Quarter mile time for this 4,920 lb. convertible was 16.0 seconds!)

Overall: This is a significant car – not a sports car, but the very best Detroit has to offer in its sedan class.

Get more details on the 1958 Chrysler 300D from the April 1958 Road & Track Magazine HERE.

Documented  Specifications
of the 1955-1958 Chrysler 300 Series

Ford submitted these specifications to the American Automobile Manufacturers Association who placed them is research files that were retrievable in paper. We have captured those for the 1964 – 1966 years.
(A typical cover sheet and page 2 are shown at right).


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