The Cadillac Archive

What’s in the Cadillac Archive

The Cadillac Archive contains a compendium of model information, illustrations, specifications and factoids for the Cadillac Line Only. Significant in the archive will be the increasing development of Car Models Fact Sheets for each model and year – a one-stop shop of all the critical information on that brand’s year and model. The Car Model Fact Sheets are a single page for each model where we gather all the information on that vehicle that is available. It will not be a static page, but rather a living document that we will add to as information comes to light.

Please click the Tabs below and select any available model and year to see what we have collected to date.

Fact Sheets Contain the following Information

  • General Year Information
  • Models Offered
  • All Engine Specifications
  • Power Trains and Power Train Options
  • Chassis Information
  • Significant Options
  • Body Paint Colors  & Mix Codes – all Paint Companies
  • Direct Link to Hagerty Valuation for the Specific Brand/Model
  • Racing History (if available)
  • Downloadable Brochures Specific to that Year/Model
  • AMA Specifications Sheets (if available)
  • Road Tests (if available)
Coming Soon! Coming Soon! 1953 Cadillac Facts Specifications Information Data
1951 Cadillac Fact Sheet 1952 Cadillac Fact Sheet 1953 Cadillac Fact Sheet
1954 Cadillac Facts Specifications Information Data 1955 Cadillac Facts Specifications Information Data  
1954 Cadillac Fact Sheet 1955 Cadillac Fact Sheet  

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Coming Soon!

About The Cadillac Brand


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