The Library

The Over-Drive Automotive Digital Document Repository (Library) is a FREE resource maintained by the not-for-profit Over-Drive Materials Preservation Foundation. It contains digital copies of paper documents created by and for the various manufacturers during their years of operation as well as informational material created by other publications regarding the manufacturer’s vehicles. The Library is organized by brand, then by category (Brochures, Print Advertising, Road Tests – if any, and Technical Information). It is generally in document date order.  You can both search and sort by year, by sub category, even by document title.

The Foundation’s sole purpose is to both preserve, protect and make available to all – digital copies of paper documents. The Foundation will never sell or restrict access to these materials – any person reaching the Library will have access – regardless of whether they are an Over-Drive Magazine subscriber or not. NOTE: Donations of paper and digital materials are welcome – as well as financial support. If you would like to contribute or volunteer to help, contact the [email protected] Thanks for your interest.

Remember, the Library provides these materials for educational, or research, or personal use only. You should not republish these materials for financial gain without informing the original author or publisher.