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Revving Up with Alex Taylor

If you follow the drag racing scene or are familiar with MotorTrend’s digital shows, you may recognize Alex Taylor from MotorTrend’s Hot Rod Garage show. But Alex’s passion for automobiles goes far beyond hosting a digital TV show – it’s been a part of her life since she was a child. We hope you enjoy getting to know Alex and learning more about her journey in the automotive industry. It’s a testament to the power of following your passion and turning your dreams into reality.

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1955-1982 Pontiac Small Journal and Large Journal V8s

Discover the differences between small main journal and large main journal Pontiac V8 engines. Pontiac’s V-8s were all small blocks, sharing the same connecting rod length 6.625 inches, except for the later short deck 301 CID and 265 CID. Learn which engines used smaller main journals, such as the early 287-370 CID engines and which used “large” mains, like the 421 CID, 428 CID, and 455 CID engines. Find out more about each series of V-8s by clicking the image links. All Pontiac V-8s were phased out in 1981.

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The Ford FE Series V-8

The Ford “FE” big block got its nomenclature from the realignment of the Divisions at Ford for 1958. “FE” stands for “Ford-Edsel” which were the vehicles where it was intended to be used. The truck version was revered to as the “FT” engine. The huge V-8 that was developed for Lincoln was an entirely different design and was set at 383-410-430 CID (and later 462 CID) and called the “MEL” block. It was used in Edsel Citation, Mercury, and Lincoln lines.

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Ford Fairlane Grows Up in 1966

What’s a shock tower and why was this important? Ford, who called themselves “the Total Performance Brand”, was caught napping. On the track, they were going head to head with the Mopar Hemi, on the street, their 427 big car was perceived as the be all end all in stop light performance. But the appearance  of the GTO and the rest of the GM brand’s response in 1965 was to put a 400 CID V-8 in a mid size car.

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