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“She’s Real Fine – My 409” . . .

Get to Know the 1958-1965 Chevrolet  “W” Series Big-Block V8

If you were a young back in the early 60s, the lure of fast cars and high horsepower likely caught you. After all, back then, America was all about flashy cars with powerful engines as an entry into manhood. Chevrolet knew this to be true, having sold a heck of a lot of high horsepowerV-8s in the years 1955-1960. Chevrolet new that there was a “horsepower war” out there – GM brother Pontiac, Ford, and every single Chrysler product were preaching more, more more each and every day.

As a kid, you poured over each and every magazine and newspaper article you could find to see who was offering what hot engine option and just how hot is was. By 1961 it was apparent that the Chrysler B and RB blocks were making some serious grunt with 383 and 413 cubic inches and multiple carburetion and Pontiac had announced the release of their 421 CID block in response. Mercury had released their M-400 430 CID block in ’58 so everyone knew Ford could be there if they wanted.

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