1955 Cadillac Fact Sheet

1955 Cadillac Facts, Figures, and Specifications

No major appearance changes were made this year, however a number of refinements were implemented.
The Eldorado’s new 270 HP dual 4-barrel engine was optional in all Cadillacs.

No Changes in
Styling – But HP Rules

No major appearance changes were made on Cadillacs this year – the grille was revised and the parking lights relocated. Big news was the 270 HP Eldorado V-8 – available as an option on all Series 62 Cadillacs.

General Year Information – 1955 Cadillac

For 1955 Cadillacs, while no major appearance changes were seen on the vehicles this year, a number of refinements were made. Most notable was the grille, which was redesigned with wider spaces between the blades, and the parking lamps were re-positioned directly below the headlights. The Eldorado received a unique rear quarter with much larger special fins and dual round taillights at the base of each.

Tubeless tires were a new feature throughout the line. Standard equipment included directional signals, backup lights, oil bath air cleaner, automatic choke, full-pressure lubrication, 12-volt electrical system, knee-action front suspension, hypoid semi-floating rear axle, wheel discs, and push button automatic windshield washers.

The Park Avenue sedan, a futuristic show car which would become the predecessor to the Eldorado Brougham, appeared at the New York Motorama on January 19, 1955. It was built in less than 74 days! Another  Cadillac show car was the “Celebrity” hardtop coupe. Motor Trend magazine reported fuel consumption figures of 12.9 miles per gallon (stop-and-go) for a Series 62 sedan with the standard 250 horsepower V-8. At the time, that was excellent mileage.

1955 Cadillac – Factoids

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For the first time, Eldorado had a performance V-8: 270 Horsepower @ 4800 RPM. featuring Two  Rochester 4GC four-barrels. There were no other modifications to the Cadillac engine. See all the specification in the AMA Specifications Sheets HERE.


In addition to a unique powerplant, Eldorados now had their own rear quarter with special fins and taillights.

1955 Cadillac Facts – Models Offered

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Cadillac Series 62:  On the sides of the body the rub-rail moldings formed a right angle with the vertical trim on the rear doors or fenders of Series 62 models. This accentuated a character line in the sheet metal. The Florentine-curve rear window treatment was adopted for sedans. Three chrome moldings bordered the rear license plate on either side, and deck lid decorations consisted of a V-shaped ornament and a Cadillac crest. The Coupe DeVille had a golden script nameplate at the upper body belt just forward of the rear window pillar.

The Series 62 four-door sedan was now seven inches shorter than other models in the Series.

Series 60 Special: The Series 60 had 12 vertical louvers at the rear lower side of the back fenders and “Fleetwood” in script on the rear deck. The special “glamour” upholstery used in this Series was similar to the metallic thread fabric with genuine leather trim combination that was used in the Series 62 Coupe DeVille.

Series 75 Fleetwood. The trim on Fleetwood long-wheelbase models was distinctive from other lines. A horizontal rub molding ran from the front parking light housings to the trailing edge of the front door and stopped. A full-length, vertical, air-slot style fender break molding was placed directly behind the rear gap of the back doors. These two moldings did not meet at right angles.

Otherwise the car was styled as the 60 and 62 Series. “Fleetwood” in script was placed on the deck lid. The high headroom roof line continued as it had in previous years. All models still featured auxiliary seats for extra passenger carrying capacity. The Imperial limousine had a hydraulically operated glass driver’s partition.

Eldorado – Series 62 Special: The Eldorado sport convertible featured extras such as wide chrome body belt moldings, along with a distinctive rear fender design with twin round taillights halfway up the fenders, and flatter, pointed tailfins.

Standard equipment on the Eldorado special sport convertible included customized interior and rear body styling,  radio and antenna, heater, power brakes, power seat, power windows, whitewall tires, metal tonneau cover, custom trim and ornamentation,  individual circular tail and rear directional lights and saber-spoke wheel covers.

For the first time Eldorado received its own special high performance engine – a 270 horsepower dual four-barrel carbureted V-8.  This engine was available on other Cadillac Series 62 models.

1955 Cadillac Facts – Engines

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Cadillac V-8.  Overhead valves. Cast Iron Block. Displacement: 331 CID. Bore and stroke: 3.8125″ x 3.625″. Compression ratio: 9.0:1. Horsepower: 250 @ 4600 RPM. Torque: 345 @ 2800 RPM. Five main bearings. Hydraulic valve lifters. Camshaft Duration: Intake 269°, Exhaust 270°, Overlap 49°, Lift (Intake) 0.365″ (Exhaust) 0.365″.  Carburetor: Carter WCFB four-barrel. Models 2185S, or 2266S; with air conditioning 2186S or 2267S.  Also Rochester 4GC four-barrel, Without air conditioning Model 7007970, With air conditioning Model 7007971

Eldorado V-8. Overhead valve. Cast Iron Block. Displacement: 331 CID. Bore and stroke: 3.8125″ x 3.625″. Compression ratio: 9.0:1. Horsepower: 270 @ 4800 RPM. Torque: 345 @ 3200 RPM. Five main bearings. Hydraulic valve lifters. Camshaft Duration: Intake 269°, Exhaust 270°, Overlap 49°, Lift (Intake) 0.365″ (Exhaust) 0.365″. Carburetors: Two (2) Rochester 4GC four-barrels; Front Model 7007240; Rear, without air conditioning Model 7007241; Rear, with air conditioning Model 7007242.

1955 Cadillac Facts – Chassis Features

    • Wheelbase: Series 62 129.0″, Series 60S 133.0″, Series 75 149.8″ The commercial Series 75 chassis utilized a 158″ wheelbase. This was for funeral cars, ambulances, etc.
    • Overall length: Series 62 Sedan 216.3″, All other Series 62 223.3″ Series 60S 227.3″, Series 75 237.1″
    • Front tread: All – 60.0″. Rear tread: All – 63.1″.
    • Standard Tires: Series 75 8.20 x 15 6-ply, Eldorado 8.20 x 15 whitewalls. All Others 8.00 x 15.
    • Optional tires: Series 60 and 62, except Eldorado 8.20 x 15 whitewall.

1955 Cadillac Facts – Power Train Options

  • Engine:  The Eldorado 270 HP dual 4-barrel carbureted V-8 was optional on all Series 62 vehicles.
  • Transmission:
    • Hydra-Matic automatic transmission was standard on all Series.
    • Dual exhaust system standard.
  • Transmission Ratios:
    • Dual Range Hydra-matic: 1st: 3.89:1, 2nd: 2.634:1, 3rd: 1.450:1, 4th: 1.00:1,  Reverse: 4.304:1
  • Rear Axle:
    • Standard 3.36:1
    • Optional 3.07:1.

1955 Cadillac Facts –
Body Paint Color Codes

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1955 Cadillac


  10 Black
  12 Alabaster Gray
  14 Ascot Gray
  16 Atlantic Gray
  20 Ruskin Blue
  22 Azure Blue
  24 Dresden Blue
  26 Cobalt Blue
  30 Mist Green
  32 Celadon Green
  34 Arlington Green
  40 Cape Ivory
  42 Pecos Beige
  44 Tangier Tan
  46 Cocabar
  50 Pacific Coral
  52 Mandarin Red
  80 Wedgwood Green
  82 Dark Wedgwood Green
  84 Goddess Gold
  90 Alpine White
  92 Silver
  94 Bahama Blue
  96 Copper

1955 Cadillac Facts –
Significant Options/Accessories

    • Air Conditioning
    • Autronic Eye Automatic headlamp beam control
    • Chrome wire wheels
    • Electric clock.
    • Fold-down tissue dispenser.
    • Handy mats.
    • Handy spot.
    • Heating and ventilation system
    • Hydraulic window lifts Series 62 models except Convertible & Coupe DeVille.
    • Instrument panel, safety padded.
    • License frames.
    • Outside rear view mirror, left-hand remote control
    • Outside rear view mirror, right-hand
    • Power steering
    • Radio, remote control, signal-seeking with preselector and antenna ($214). White sidewall tires x5 ($48 exchange).
    • Radio, signal-seeking with preselector and antenna
    • Tinted E-Z-Eye glass
    • Tool kit.
    • Windshield washer.

1955 Cadillac Facts –
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