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For all practical purposes the 1953 and 1954 Corvettes were the same except for some very minor changes. The exception was that 4 colors were offered this year.

The 1954 Corvette Is Refined

1954 Corvette Facts – Minor changes were made to the window storage bag, carburetor air cleaners, starter, and location of the fuel and brake lines.


General Year Information – 1954 Corvette

For all practical purposes, the 1953 and 1954 Corvettes were the same. Minor changes were made to the window storage bag, carburetor air cleaners, starter and location of the fuel and brake lines.

Unlike the previous year’s model, 1954s were available in 4 colors: Pennant Blue, Sportsman Red and Black in addition to Polo White. The soft top was now offered only in beige. The car was available to any customer and sold through all Chevrolet dealers. Approximately 80 percent of 1954 Corvettes were painted Polo White. About 16 percent had a blue exterior.

1954 Corvette Facts – Models Offered

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The 1954 Corvette retained the fiberglass body, chrome-framed grille with 13 heavy vertical chrome bars, rounded front fenders with recessed headlights, no side windows or outside door handles, a wraparound windshield and protruding, fender-integrated taillights. Aside for a minor trim change, the car was identical to the 1953 version. Additional body colors and interior trim were made available.

The interior retained its floor­ mounted shifter for the Powerglide automatic and the full array of gauges including a tachometer were utilized and placed as in 1953.

1954 Corvette Facts – Engines

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lnline Six Cylinder.  Overhead valves. Cast iron block. Displacement: 235.5 cubic inches. Bore and stroke: 3.56 x 3.93 inches. Compression ratio: 8.0:1. Horsepower: Early: 150 @ 4200 RPM. Early Torque: 223 @ 2400 RPM. Late: 155 @ 4200 RPM. Late Torque: 225 @ 2800 RPM. Four main bearings. Solid valve lifters. Camshaft Timing: Intake 243 degrees; Exhaust: 244 degrees; Lift: 0.4051″. Carburetor: Three (3) Carter Type YH one-barrels (#3706989) Model 2066S (Early models); Model 2055S (Late models).

1954 Corvette Facts – Chassis Features

    • Wheelbase: 102.00″
    • Overall length: 167.00″
    • Front tread: 57.00″
    • Rear tread: 59.00″
    • Tires: 6.70 x 15

1954 Corvette Facts –
Body Paint Color Codes

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1954 Corvette

  Pennant Blue
  Polo White
  Sportsman Red

1954 Corvette Facts –
Current Market


1954 Corvette Facts –
Significant Options

    • Signal-seeking AM radio ($145.15).
    • Heater ($91.40).
    • White sidewall tires.

1954 Corvette Facts –
Power Train Options

  • Automatic transmission with floor shift was standard. No other power train options were offered.

1954 Corvette Facts –
Production Figures

    • Corvette Series Number: 800
    • Corvette Body Number: 867
    • Body Style: 2-Door Convertible –  2 Passenger
    • Factory Price: $3,523.00
    • Shipping Weight : 2,705 lbs.
    • Total Production: 3,640

1954 Corvette Facts –
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