1970 Datsun 240Z Fact Sheet

Nissan’s Big Gamble
for 1970

The new car would be Nissan’s answer to the “high-performance personal car market”. It was developed using considerable market research.


General Year Information

Yutaka Katayama, president of Nissan Motors USA operations, was responsible for the introduction of the 240Z to  the American market. He had a good idea what Americans wanted in a sports car and worked to see to it that it was badged and advertised in a way those in the U.S. would want. granted, it was sold world-wide, but without success in the US market, it was doubtful, it would be continued.

Nissan designed the 240Z with a long hood, dramatic fastback roof line, open-up rear hatch, full instrumentation, and ample amenities including AM/FM radio, reclining seats, rear defogger and flow-thru ventilation. 


Models Offered

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The 240Z’s distinctive recessed headlamps were set deeply into nacelles, far back from the car’s protruding nose. Rectangular parking lights sat under the headlamps, below the bumper. Front fenders held reflector lenses, just to the rear of the headlamps. The low, wide grille had a pattern of subtle horizontal bars, while the hood had a moderately-sized bulge. A small round insignia went above the grille. Tiny rear quarter windows were used. Three-section tail lamps were mounted in rectangular housings.

The 2.4-liter (2393 cc) single-overhead cam six-cylinder engine delivered 151 HP allowed speeds as high as 125 MPH. An all-synchro four-speed manual transmission handled the shifting chores. Four-wheel independent suspension, consisting of coil springs and MacPherson struts. The all-steel uni-body rode a 90.7” wheelbase, with front disc and rear drum brakes.

For the interior, added the company, a flow-through draft-free fresh air system.  Oil pressure, water temperature, fuel and ammeter gauges were recessed in a padded and formed dash. A large speedometer with trip odometer, and a tachometer, sat directly ahead of the driver. Deep cushioned vinyl bucket seats with built-in headrests adjusted horizontally and vertically and reclined up to 10 degrees. Standard 240Z equipment included radial tires, a radio, clock, steering lock, collapsible steering wheel, three anchor seatbelts, backup lights, a wood steering wheel and gearshift knob, front/rear bumper overriders, console box, door armrest, driver footrest, glove box with lock, windshield and rear-window drip moldings, and coat hangers.


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lnline, overhead-cam six-cylinder (Model L24). Cast-iron block and aluminum head. Displacement: 146 CID (2393 cc). Bore & Stroke: 3.27 x 2.90 in. (83 x 73.7 mm). Compression Ratio: 9.0:1.  Horsepower: 151 @ 5600 RPM. Torque: 145.7 lbs.-ft. @ 4400 RPM. Seven main bearings. Solid valve lifters. Two Hitachi SU-type carburetors.

Chassis Features

    • Wheelbase: 90.7 in.

    • Overall Length: 162.8 in.

    • Height: 50.6 in.

    • Width: 64.1 in.

    • Front Tread: 53.3 in.

    • Rear Tread: 53.0 in.

    • Standard Tires: 175×14 radial.

Significant Options

    • Automatic transmission:  ($190).
    • Push button AM radio: 510 ($59.95).
    • Two-speaker stereo system ($102).
    • Trunk lid rack ($26.95)
    • Cigarette Lighter ($3.56).

Body Paint Color Codes

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1970 Datsun Colors:


502 White
503 Light Gray
511 Gray
518 Medium Gray
524 Pagoda Red
525 Cherry Red
529 Bamboo Tan
530 Dark Gray
531 Bronze
535 Rocky Brown
546 Green
554 Kasumi Green
558 Green
562 Turquoise
564 Mount Fuji Blue
570 Sky Blue
574 Blue
604 Dark Blue
637 Off White
639 Maroon
645 Dark Blue
655 White
660 Toba Aqua
664 Red
712 Medium Gray
803 Leaf Green
814 Mexican Red
817 Houston Yellow
818 Green

1970 Datsun 240Z –
Current Market Values


1970  240Z Key Statistics

    • Body Style: 2-dr Coupe-2 Passenger
    • Engine: OHC I-6
    • CID: 146
    • Price at POE: $3,526
    • Weight: 2300 lbs.
    • Production (US) 16,215

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