Oldsmobile: Engine Modification and Tuning Guide

Gen 2 V-8 Engines from 1964 through 1987
Including the 260-403 Small Block and 400-455 Big Block

• 139 pages
• Black & White
• Print Quality

Unleash the true power of your 1964-1989 Oldsmobile V8 with our Olds Performance Manual. Crafted by experienced experts, this guide offers proven tips for boosting performance. Covering models like the G Body from 1978-1987 and updated with advice on the 403 and 307 Oldsmobile Division V8s, our recommendations are based on real success stories. While we don’t promise miracles, we empower you to optimize your Olds. Embrace factory-tested parts and hunt for hidden gems online. This engine-focused manual is your key to enhancing your Oldsmobile’s performance journey.