1973 Datsun 240Z Fact Sheet

1973 Datsun 240Z Facts, Figures, and Specifications

For its fourth and final iteration, the 240Z continued as before – with only the emissions control modifications that had been added in late 1972.


Hold on Just a  Little

1973 production of the 240Z would end in this year. The replacement car would not change much, except a larger displacement engine and continued compliance with safety and emissions regulations.

General Year Information

Production of the first-generation “Z’ car continued with little change other than a price rise and a slight drop in compression ratio.

Models Offered

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Once again, no change in the distinctive recessed headlamps and rectangular parking lights that were still under the headlamps and below the bumper. Front fenders still the reflector lenses at the rear of the headlamps. The low, wide grille with its pattern of subtle horizontal bars was as in 1971, and the hood still had its bulge. The small round insignia remained above the grille. The three-section tail lamps, mounted in rectangular housings were the same.

The 2.4-liter (2393 cc) single-overhead cam six-cylinder engine was untouched – it was still rated at 150 HP – the all-synchro four-speed manual transmission was unchanged. The four-wheel independent suspension, consisting of coil springs and MacPherson struts and front disc and rear drum brakes were not altered.

Oil pressure, water temperature, fuel and ammeter gauges were recessed in a padded and formed dash. A large speedometer with trip odometer, and a tachometer, sat directly ahead of the driver. Deep cushioned vinyl bucket seats with built-in headrests adjusted horizontally and vertically and reclined up to 10 degrees.

Standard 240Z equipment included radial tires, a radio, clock, steering lock, collapsible steering wheel, three anchor seat belts, backup lights, a wood steering wheel and gearshift knob, front/rear bumper bars, console box, door armrest, driver footrest, glove box with lock, windshield and rear-window drip moldings, and coat hangers.


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lnline, overhead-cam six-cylinder (Model L24). Cast-iron block and aluminum head. Displacement: 146 CID (2393 cc). Bore & Stroke: 3.27 x 2.90 in. (83 x 73.7 mm). Compression Ratio: 8.8:1.  Horsepower: 150 @ 5600 RPM. Torque: 145.7 lbs.-ft. @ 4400 RPM. Seven main bearings. Solid valve lifters. Two Hitachi SU type carburetors.

Chassis Features

    • Wheelbase: 90.7 in.

    • Overall Length: 162.8 in.

    • Height: 50.6 in.

    • Width: 64.1 in.

    • Front Tread: 53.3 in.

    • Rear Tread: 53.0 in.

    • Standard Tires: 175×14 radial.

Significant Options

    • Air conditioning ($325).
    • AM radio, pushbutton ($59.95).
    • AM/FM radio ($98.50).
    • AM/FM stereo with 8-track player  ($110).
    • Automatic Transmission  ($195).
    • Center armrest ($9.95).
    • Footrest ($12.95).
    • Luggage rack ($12.95).

1971 240Z Key Statistics

    • Body Style: 2-dr Coupe-2 Passenger
    • Engine: OHC I-6
    • CID: 146
    • Price at POE: $4,695
    • Weight: 2350 lbs.
    • Production (US) 46,282

Body Paint Color Codes

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1973 Datsun Colors

003 Green
006 Sunbird Orange
012 Pewter
018 White
019 Sunshine Yellow
022 Orange
052 Sunset Orange
102 Mellow Yellow
103 True Blue
104 Cactus Green
110 Red Persimmon
112 Yellow Lime
113 Avocado Green
114 Bronze
115 Blue
121 Seaview Aqua
122 Dark Golden Brown
123 Chartreuse Green
125 Beige
502 Ivory White
505 Black
524 Pagoda Red
525 Cherry Red
529 Bamboo Tan
546 Gray Green
558 Dragon Green
562 Asian Blue
564 Mount Fuji Blue
567 Nissan Blue
568 Blue
637 Eggshell
639 Light Maroon
645 Dark Blue
665 White
821 White

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