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Packard’s Ultramatic Transmission

After multiple years of testing and refinement Packard announced the availability of their automatic transmission which they christened the “Ultramatic Drive”. The Last Word in Automatic Shifting Ultramatic Drive –...

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1955-1956 Packard OHV V-8 Described

The 1955 Packard V-8 was new and modern. In that year the Clipper received the 320 CID version and the Packard’s displacement rose to 352. In 1953 The Clipper received the 352 CID version and Packards had the new 374 CID...

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More on the Packard Demise

The 1956 Packard Caribbean was Packard’s post war high water mark. It was state of the art, it could compete withCadillac, Lincoln and Chrysler at all levels – but it arrived three years too late to save the brand....

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