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The Buick Performance Tradition – 80 Years Strong

Discover the 80-year history of Buick’s performance tradition, starting with the OHV Buick Straight-8 engine and synchromesh transmission in 1931. Learn about Buick’s significant achievements, including the 1941 dual carburetor version of the Century and Roadmaster 320 CID I-8, in this informative article.

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More on the Buick Grand National

Learn about the evolution of the Buick Grand National from 1982-1987, starting with the debut of the charcoal gray Regal in 1982 to the final production of the “1987½ Buick Grand National.” In 1984, the Grand National was released in all black paint, and in 1986, the air-air intercooler boosted performance to 235 HP @ 4000 RPM and 330 lb⋅ft of torque @ 2400 RPM. With the option of Turbo power across the board, turbo Regals reached their peak in popularity in 1987, with a total of 27,590 produced.

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How the Buick V-6 Came to be and Why it Lasted So Long

Learn about the history and design of the Buick V-6 engine from 1962 to 1987. Discover how it was derived from the Buick V8, and became the first V-6 in an American car. Understand the differences between the odd-fire and even-fire configurations, and how the engine evolved over the years. Explore the advantages of the on-center bore spacing of the later engines, and how it improved performance.

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