The 1937 Nash Ambassador 8 was the top-line Nash. This was a luxury offering – at the time competing with Cadillac, Lincoln and Chrysler. These are the kind of images, posts, and information we want to impart to all you  enthusiasts – to learn new things and expand horizons – even those of the staff!

Our Approach

We’re not the same old story – If you’ve read other car magazines or blogs you’ve likely seen articles on topics that you’ll see here. Some are dry, others are just recollections from a current or former owner.

We’re going to be different – and to our mind- more interesting. What we will be doing here is that when we cover a topic, we are going to build it in a combination – we are going to construct the entire picture. We are going to create an image of what that vehicle or technical piece meant to the car enthusiast at the time, and what key information about it you should know,  and then we will back it up with  original and unique historical documentation.

You are going to see some rare stuff – We’re going to cover topics or vehicles that are either rare or just not commonly known to the current reader – take this Nash image shown in the lead in here. There was a time when Nash was a major brand – when Nash built exciting, advanced and cars. But most of you may not know that – you’ve been steeped in the lore of Rambler, that interestingly was only a minor brand introduced in in 1950 after a hiatus of 40 years.

We collect and collate everything we can find and keep it here – See our articles in this issue. You’ve got a story, then as much technical information that’s verifiable and out there, then facts, figure, documents, links and anything else we can find – and it doesn’t leave – it’s here for perpetuity!

We have a library of documents to back up what we say – Nothing is off the top of our head, it’s driven by materials we have in our collection and you can view those reference materials any time anywhere.

When we’ve collected enough, we’re also going to prepare a “publication” – Yes it’s going to be available in a true “magazine” that you can download. And it we get enough subscribers who want it in paper, it will be in a publishable format that you can sit on your table or desk!

Follow along with us over the next few issues. Consider a subscription to receive access to all we’ll be taking about and doing – support the contributors to this publication – many have a heck of a lot to offer – and we’re sure you are going to be entertained, interested, and enervated by what we’ll be doing.

The Editors





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